The Joys of Translation

I will be the first to say that this post has nothing to do with travel or photography.  I was recently going through some old files and I came across a list of bad translations that my students had written for an assignment where they had to interview someone.  The interviews were harmless stuff, but the students were lazy and used translation programs to help them.  My colleague and I, who were correcting the assignments together, would interrupt each other every five minutes or so with a particular gem that we had come across.  I decided to keep a list of all that we came across.  The list is far too long to post here, but these are some of my favourites.
The Joys of Translation

First, I did the mother.

Then she took it gladly.

I come truly, and think that I was good.

His thing could know deeply and was very happily.

But while we talk, we have a very hot time.

I and him enjoyed each other. Then he pulled pleasantly and received.

You should penetrate your first mind.

Playing my hobbies are very interesting, and so I am not hard.

What is done is soccer and what is seen is baseball.

I want you to do my best.

Then, it was as it is.

My car is a fish dealer.

It is getting old and is sushi.

A good point is being able to touch various persons.

Have you enjoyed playing with sheep, cattle, and other animals?

Although he was often coming to the house, it full of the different pleasure on that day. I waited for him to come. And he came. Although required 30 minutes or more, he did not dislike.

At this interview, a little of his thing could be understood.

I thought _____ was sexual deviate. But he surpass my expectation. He is just genuine perversion!

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