Photo Links


Japan Camera Hunter

Shoot Tokyo

Map Camera (Tokyo) (cameras)

35mm Love

Eyexplore Tokyo (photo tours)

Grace Monochrome (photo supplies)

Silversalt (photo supplies)

Yodobashi (the mecca of all photo stores)

BIC Camera (not Yodobashi, but still worthwhile)

Place M Tokyo (Darkroom rental in Tokyo)

Kyotographie (Photography Festival in Kyoto, April/May)

Film-friendly sites

APUG (Analog Photography Users Group)


FADU (Film and Darkroom User)

I Still Shoot Film

Square Frog (Holga info)

Dutch Alternative Photography

The Light Farm

Ilford Photo

Film Ferrania

Shooting Film

The Impossible Project

Freestyle Photographic 



They all shoot film (or used to) or have a film/digital hybrid process. Most are not known as travel photographers, but a lot of them travel to make great photographs. Many of these photographers are great darkroom workers too. I find them inspiring on many levels. I hope you do too.

Michael Kenna

Nick Brandt

Bill Schwab

Sandy King

Tim Rudman

Wolfgang Moersch

Guillaume Zuili

Steve McCurry

Clive V France

Jill Enfield


Marianne Priest

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